Zyrex coating of the future

Zyrex is a METAL FREE rubberized co-polymer epoxy formula with a built in barrier coat that protects and lasts for years. Zyrex was invented in 1988 and has constantly been evolving ever since. It has been tested on boats since 1994 in the Pacific, Atlantic, Golf, Great Lakes, and other fresh water lakes. It’s been applied to thousands of boat bottoms. Over the years it has not only been used on fiber glass bottoms but aluminum and steel bottoms. There is no reason to acid wash any longer, with this unique formula we have made bottom washing something you can do by hand with a rag while in the water, on a trailer or a lift. It now has GREEN anti-fouling like properties that will not harm the waterways or the marine life while still keeping its slick smooth surface which makes it harder for organisms to attach. Using your boat will clean the surface, the sides and back don't get the friction that the bottom will get so that is where you may need to use a rag, sponge nor brush. Due to the fact that Zyrex is non-porous - waterproof which eliminates the need for a barrier coat. A boat does not take in addition to keeping it dry. It will also increase your gas mileage by up to 4% and increases speed up to 20% over bottom paint. Zyrex is the bottom coating of the future not only is it long lasting it is environmentally safe. Zyrex comes in multiple colors Midnight Black, Pacific Blue, Caribbean Blue, Clover Green, Brick Red, Storm Gray, Feather Gray and Pure White, White will always yellow due to the fact that it is an epoxy, all whites will yellow to some degree because the hardeners are amber in color. Custom colors are also available.

Zyrex full Compatibility

Zyrex has formulas for many different applications. Zyrex can be used on boat bottoms-concrete-steel and aluminum. The concrete formula has been used in many airport hangers, warehouses, industrial buildings, body shops, mechanics shops and garages. Its unique formula covers concrete in a way as to protect it from everything from road salt to industrial chemical spills. Just hose it off and squeegee it. There are locations that had been coated 10 years ago and still look new. So Zyrex your floor and enjoy more free time. In addition the steel formula has been used on trailers, light poles, and walls. Its long lasting application has proved itself on steel trailers. There are trailers that were sandblasted and Zyrex then applied that are over 10 years old. It resists chipping so you don’t have to worry about rust. And if you manage to scratch it, it repairs easily. Zyrex for today, tomorrow and the future.

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White Zyrex will yellow based on the fact that it is a true two part epoxy. Yellowing may very based on tempurture and growth in waterways. Gel coat does also yellow. We have been told that Clorax All Purpose removes the yellowing.



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