After working with Zyrex since 1994 and personally applying it to 500 boats we were able to purchase the company. Steve had been one of the first customers to make a purchase at the IBEX show in Fort Lauderdale in 1994.

In the early years Steve was able to assist in resolving some problems with boat bottom coating. In working with the original chemist and a metallurgist they were able to increase the life from 3 to 5 years up to 7 to 10, in addition to making for easier application and a process for touch ups.

The coatings had mainly been sold in Illinois, California, Florida, and Texas. Since acquiring Zyrex we will strive to make it Nationwide. Zyrex has always been available in a few colors; our goals are to expand the color pallet and the ability to manufacture custom colors. We now offer Midnight Black, Pacific Blue, Pacific Blue, Brick Red, Clover Green, Feather Gray, Storm Gray and Bright White.

Currently there are  formulations for coatings for boat bottoms, concrete, aluminum and steel at this time. We are currently working with our own chemists to expand our capabilities to plastic. We have experimented on many things ourselves so that we can see possibilities.

We intend on taking Zyrex worldwide. At this time we are looking to secure application centers who will conduct applications correctly.

We have very high hopes for Zyrex due to the endless potential and possibilities.