Boat Bottom Coating

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The ZYREX Advantage for boating… Is a waterproof coating…

Compared to Gelcoat ZYREX is a nonporous molecular structure that repels water.

Not only will it prevent bottom blisters on a properly prepared hull, on a previously blistered hull that has been properly repaired. It will prevent it from blistering again.

Due to the slick properties of ZYREX, growth and residue can be removed from your hull with minimal or no effort.

You will save the bottom wash expense every fall. In most cases bottoms can be cleaned using a small pressure washer with no muratic acid, just using your boat will clean the bottom.

ZYREX is Non-Toxic, our unique formulation is environmentally safe and contains nontoxic elements that will alter or damage our waterways, it does not flake and fall off like bottom paint.

Save Hundreds of dollars on painting your boat bottom every one to three years. Apply it once and the bottom is safe for up to 10 years. Even then you may only need a touch up coat. Steve has a customer whom has had Zyrex on their boat bottom for 20 years, 9 in the chain of lakes and 11 in Tampa FL.

ZYREX is applied as a boat bottom coating using a roller, brush or spray applicator that provides the following consumer benefits.

  • Increased speed
  • Easy to clean
  • Fuel Savings
  • Enhances appearance
  • Long Lasting
  • Water proof
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Saves expense of bottom washing
  • Environment friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Easy application

Compared to waxes and polishes, ZYREX provides a slicker boat bottom surface that lasts for years. There is no product that comes even close in comparison.  Plus it has amazing abrasion resistance to protect your Gelcoat from scratches and gouges.

ZYREX will protect your boat from the elements.

ZYREX Looks Great, due to its unique self-leveling properties, ZYREX dries to a smooth high-gloss shine. Even when applied with a brush or a roller.

Fuel Savings Advantage

Example of 3 to 20 Percent
Speed Increase
32’ V-Hull
Fuel at $4.50/gallon
Printer made it from an old brochure

ZYREX will protect your boat from the elements,
Boat Application Directions