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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 12:27:58 -0600
From: Travis Leeah
Subject: Sea Ray 290 Sundancer
To: “steve@zyrexcoatings.com”

I am located in Belton TX and have a Sea Ray Sundancer 290 that I just applied the black Zyrex to the bottom. It was done by Andrew Allen at Proptek. Boat slid 8 feet on trailer. Please tie down boat well. I think several other boats will be getting Zyrex at lake Belton.

Old top speed = 32mph new top speed 37 mph
High idle speed, will have to slow down.
Forward momentum much higher.
I have to get used to the difference in the way the boat handles.

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I just wanted to share with CSR about my new bottom paint I applied to my boat this last fall. I put Zyrex bottom paint on which is an epoxy paint. It has an extremely low surface area (slick as sh#@) so nothing can adhere to it. If slim grows you just go over 10mph to clean the bottom. Zyrex advertised that it would increase your gas mileage and speed. Here are the results so far:
1.The boat literally jumps out of the hole like I have never seen.
2. Top speed increased from 31-37mph
3. Idle speed is faster, I had to retrain myself for maneuvering in marina.
4. Cruising speed at 3600rpm used to be under 20-21mph, is now 25-26mph.
Before we splashed the boat, they were moving my trailer/boat in the boat yard and my boat slid on the trailer . We made sure to strap down really well before splashing. I am still researching so will keep you up-to-date as it sits in the water. So far, no sign of growth (1 month wet). I have been really excited at the performance increase. Here is a picture of the bottom paint.
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1996 290 Sundancer “Panacea”
Lake Belton, Texas

I bought a new Century 2900 center console in 2002, the boat was to be used both in fresh water and salt water. I knew Steve for years prior to the purchase of my new boat because he had always done my glass repairs and detailing of the boats.
Steve suggested Zyrex for the bottom of my new boat, at the time Steve was only a dealer for Zyrex. My years of trust in Steve paid off, he bottom coated my new Century and 10 years later it looks as good as new except for a few places from beaching the boat.
This product has performed as promised and in a very harsh saltwater environment.
Thanks for the help and advice Steve and glad you bought the company so you can share this excellent product with more people.

Bob Getkey
2002 2900CC Century