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Zyrex is the best bottom boat paint coating and here's why
Non Toxic - Enviormentally Friendly

Non Toxic - Enviormentally Friendly

ZYREX is Non-Toxic, our unique bottom boat paint coating formulation is environmentally safe and contains nontoxic elements that will alter or damage our waterways, it does not flake and fall off like bottom paint.

Fuel savings & increased speed

Fuel savings & increased speed

With the super slick bottom boat paint coating surface Zyrex offers, you can expect to enjoy fuel savings and increase of speed. Increase your gas mileage by up to 4% and increases speed up to 20% over bottom paint. Think of the money you will save!

Easy To Clean

Easy To Clean

Due to the slick properties of ZYREX bottom boat paint coating, growth and residue can be removed from your hull with minimal or no effort. In most cases bottoms can be cleaned using a small pressure washer with no Muratic acid, just using your boat will clean the bottom.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Compared to waxes and polishes, ZYREX bottom boat paint coating provides a slicker boat bottom surface that lasts for years. There is no product that comes even close in comparison. Plus it has amazing abrasion resistance to protect your Gel-Coat from scratches and gouges.

Water Proof

Water Proof

Zyrex bottom boat paint coating is a water proof rubberized co-polymer epoxy that totally encapsulates the bottom of a boat. It is a barrier coat in addition to a bottom coating.

Easy application

Easy application

ZYREX bottom boat paint coating is easily applied as a boat bottom coating using a roller, brush or spray applicator. We supply the correct rollers available for purchase at checkout.

Zyrex bottom boat coating is a METAL FREE rubberized co-polymer epoxy formula with a built-in barrier coat that protects and lasts for years. Zyrex was invented in 1988 and has constantly been evolving ever since. It has been tested on boats since 1994 in the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf, Great Lakes, and other freshwater lakes. It’s been applied to thousands of boat bottoms. Over the years it has not only been used on fiberglass bottoms but aluminum and steel bottoms.

There is no reason to acid wash any longer, with this unique formula we have made bottom washing something you can do by hand with a rag while in the water, on a trailer or a lift. It has “GREEN” antifouling like properties that will not harm the waterways or the marine life while still keeping its slick smooth surface which makes it harder for organisms to attach. Using your boat will clean the surface, the sides and back don’t get the friction that the bottom will get so that is where you may need to use a rag, sponge or brush.

Due to the fact that Zyrex bottom boat coating is non-porous & waterproof, preventing water weight gain. Our spectacular formula includes your primer and barrier coat. A boat does not take on water weight gain, keeping it dry. It also can increase your speed up to 20% and decrease your fuel consumption by 4%. Zyrex is the boat bottom coating of the future, not only is it long-lasting it is environmentally safe. We have a customer that has had Zyrex on their boat bottom for over 20 years(No that’s not a type O)

Zyrex bottom boat coating comes in multiple colors

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Steve - Zyrex Bottom Boat Paints

Steve Mika


Steve has 30+ years experience in fiberglass boat repair and fiberglass boat finishes.

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What customers say about Zyrex Bottom Boat Paint Coating

People that are using Zyrex are happy to share their experience.

Lake Belton

I put Zyrex bottom paint on which is an epoxy paint. It has an extremely low surface area (slick as sh#@) so nothing can adhere to it. If slim grows you just go over 10mph to clean the bottom. Zyrex advertised that it would increase your gas mileage and speed. Here are the results so far: 1.The boat literally jumps out of the hole like I have never seen. 2. Top speed increased from 31-37mph 3. Idle speed is faster, I had to retrain myself for maneuvering in marina. 4. Cruising speed at 3600rpm used to be under 20-21mph, is now 25-26mph.

St Lawrence River

I just got back from our marina. While there I was talking about using Zyrex paint. My friend told me that another guy has it on his boat. We walked up to take a look at it. Smooth as glass. Later the owner of the boat was there. So I asked him about it. He has owned the boat for 7 years and has not painted the bottom, yet. I can tell you that the way it looks - he won't be doing it this year either. He bought the boat with the bottom already painted. Bought it used. I remember the first year he pulled it how effort less it was to clean the bottom with the pressure washer. Almost no work. I thought it was that way because it was rather new. Not the case - It's because of Zyrex.

Fox Chain O'Lakes

John Olszewski

Awesome stuff! Had Zyrex put on my 252 Cobalt and what a difference. The boat is clearly faster - I'm guessing about 5mph faster. My gas consumption is noticebly less. Another thing I noticed is when I hit the throttle it leaps out of the water now. I did not clean the bottom of my boat because the marina where I keep it did but the marina did say it was practically effortless and there just wasn't much to clean. Very happy with Zyrex!

Belton TX

Travis A. Leeah

I am located in Belton TX and have a Sea Ray Sundancer 290 that I just applied the black Zyrex to the bottom. It was done by Andrew Allen at Proptek. Boat slid 8 feet on trailer. Please tie down boat well. I think several other boats will be getting Zyrex at lake Belton.

Old top speed = 32mph new top speed 37 mph
High idle speed, will have to slow down.
Forward momentum much higher.
I have to get used to the difference in the way the boat handles.

Bob Getkey

I bought a new Century 2900 center console in 2002, the boat was to be used both in fresh water and salt water. I knew Steve for years prior to the purchase of my new boat because he had always done my glass repairs and detailing of the boats.
Steve suggested Zyrex for the bottom of my new boat, at the time Steve was only a dealer for Zyrex. My years of trust in Steve paid off, he bottom coated my new Century and 10 years later it looks as good as new except for a few places from beaching the boat.
This product has performed as promised and in a very harsh saltwater environment.
Thanks for the help and advice Steve and glad you bought the company so you can share this excellent product with more people.

Round Rock TX

I had Zyrex product put on my boat over the spring, and have to say it has performed as advertised. With water temps in the 80s and 90s all summer, I have had no issue with growth on the boat bottom (just drive the boat and it comes off clean), seem to have picked up top end speed, and appear to be consuming less fuel.

All wins in my opinion. For anyone looking to do bottom paint, I would recommend this product. Additionally, from what I saw, this is easily a DIY product if you have the tools, time and patience to apply a bottom paint. It does take longer to apply due to the curing process, and you have to have certain weather conditions for optimal application.

Checkout some of our customer's boats with Zyrex applied.

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