How is Zyrex different then other bottom paints or coatings?

Zyrex is a water proof rubberized co-polymer epoxy that totally encapsulates the bottom of a boat. It is a barrier coat in addition to a bottom coating. It is not made to fall off like bottom paint. It is not made to ware off like an ablative. It is not anti fouling It is non porous It has been on boats 16-18 years with never needing an additional application Due to it’s slick smooth finish and the fact that it is non porous any growth is unable to get a good grip on the surface. Self cleaning, when you run your boat growth slides off. Comes in 7 stock colors Custom colors can be ordered

What colors does Zyrex come in?

Midnight Black, Bright White, Pacific Blue, Caribbean Blue, Feather Gray, Storm Gray, Brick Red, & Clover Green We are currently working on another Red

Does Zyrex work in fresh and salt water?

Zyrex has been used in fresh and salt water with the same great results for almost 20 years.

Can Zyrex be applied over existing bottom paint or coatings?

You must remove all previous bottom paint or coatings, if  left on you will not get all of the phenomenal results that Zyrex has to offer. If there is an existing barrier coat it only needs to be sanded so that there is something to hold on to.

Do you need to apply a barrier coat before applying Zyrex?

No, Zyrex serves as a barrier coat due to the fact that it is water proof. If you have a bearer coat it does not need to be removed but does need to be sanded to rough it up for adhesion

Is Zyrex anti fouling?

Zyrex has made improvements with green anti fouling properties that do not harm the waterways. Zyrex is a water proof and non-porous coating which greatly decreases the ability for growth to hold on. When the boat is run, the majority of minimal growth  falls off.

How is Zyrex for the environment?

Zyrex is an environmentally friendly product, there are no metals, poisons or toxins. In additions it does not flake or fall off like many bottom paints nor does it wear off and leach into the water.

What kind of boat can Zyrex be used on?

Zyrex can be used on fiber glass, aluminum, steel, speed boats, sail boats, fishing boats, and air boats.

Can it be used on the sides of a boat?

At this time we have never in all the years of using Zyrex applied it to the sides of a boat. But you can try it.

Can I apply it myself?

Yes, anyone with a little fortitude can apply Zyrex as long as you have the ability to take it off the trailer and access to basic tools to sand your bottom. YOU CAN DO IT